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Up time, Its what we  DO?

We’ll take care of your techonology so you can take care of business

How we do it

Protecting your systems so you dont have to worry

We Keep an on everything

24x7x365 monitoring of your network and systems – including servers, desktops and mobile devices.


Patch deployment, Service Pack installation and anti-virus support as well as verification and management of data backups.

We are here to help you 24/7/365

Give us a call we provide troubleshooting and remediation for any processes or services that fails.

What our customers say

“We are very pleased with his knowledge, services, and value. We highly recommend him to small companies that require a good IT consultant who can provide a braod range of IT services.”
Bill James | VP, KCI Partners, Inc.

“A great IT person is invaluable in today’s technologically driven world and Alex Ledesma of BladeSystems is who I would recommend.”
Davita Syfert | Senior Relationship Manager

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